Commercial Tree Services

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Professional and reliable arboriculture services carried out across the South East. All work carried out to BS3998. All our services are covered by the relevant certification and insurances and performed by skilled, trained professionals.

Commercial Tree Services 

  • Dismantling or Felling Trees

Unfortunately, on occasion it is necessary for trees to be removed for safety reasons, this can range from infection or rot affecting the trees structural integrity or it's location to neighboring structures like buildings, highways and services. We plan all such works following the industry guidelines and standards, using qualified professionals, trained in the latest techniques.

  • Deadwood Removal

We would always recommend leaving deadwood in trees as it's a valuable habitat for wildlife but it may be necessary for it to be removed for safety reasons over pathways, School playgrounds anywhere that people are likely to be walking, this is often is highlighted in tree safety surveys.

  • Formative Pruning

This is done during the early stages of the trees development, want's the tree has established it's self after planting to help the tree establish a good structure and shape this can negate the need for more costly and harmful work in the future.

  • Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves pruning to provide a desired vertical clearance above ground level, this can be to improve access along a path or increase light to a building, extensive lifting should be phased over a number of years so as to aid the tree in it's recovery, lifting of mature trees should be avoided or minimized.

  • Crown thinning

This is done to reduce the leaf density of a tree by removing secondary live woody growth to leave a well balanced tree with even growth throughout, often used to increase light levels and defined as a percentage of the whole canopy but is not recommended for reducing loading on a branch or weak point. 

  • Crown Reduction

Some times it may be necessary to reduce the crown of a tree for various reasons be it appearance, size or health, this is done by re-shaping the height and or spread of the crown, aiming to maintain the framework of the crown and therefore a high proportion of the foliage-bearing structure as set out in the British Standard for tree work BS3998 not all species or individual trees are suitable for a reduction, it's important that any work is clearly explained in the job specification, giving a clear and accurate description

  • Crown Restoration
  • Pollarding

All tree work is carried out to British Standard BS3998.

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